by jkapeed

The College community must:

  • Fight for peace, freedom and democracy
  • Promote the development of reliable institutions in Nepal
  • Contribute to create a vision of the future of the Country and the person
  • Train entrepreneurs. Boost creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Respect the rights of others and the Law
  • Promote ethics and the fight against corruption
  • Develop a sense of solidarity
  • Recognize the merits of others
  • Promote productive work

What we offer?

  • Scholarship for needy and talented students
  • Wide range of sports facilities for physical development, with 9 Ropanies compound
  • Highly qualified and motivated faculty members to provide quality education
  • Teaching methods that promote critical thinking and understanding rather than rote learning
  • A balance of curricular and extra activities: sports , music, physical training, etc
  • Opportunity to develop a balanced personality
  • Maximum satisfaction in final results

The student must:

  • Learn to learn: acquire reading, study and research habits
  • Live with values
  • Be proactive, positive
  • Master the Nepali language and be proficient in the English language or in a second language and in computer science
  • Be responsible for your training: commitment to study, punctuality, responsibility and ethics

 Message From Chairman 

Education is a right and not a privilege. It is indeed the differentiating characteristic of success. The positive impact of Education on earning, wages, and economic growth are well documented. It is, therefore, an outlook that gives a definite purpose in life. Although education may encompass information, knowledge, and skills, its boundary extends far beyond these points. Garnering wisdom, insight and selfless ambitions are also encompassed by education. The education, in fact, is the elixir to becoming a responsible citizen and a good human being. The preceding sentences are a precise depiction of what NMC has envisaged.



 Message From Managing Director 

I want to start my message by thanking those people who have believed in education as a means of social construction. It is an honor for me to give you the most cordial welcome to our college. I believe that education is the key to developing a new generation with a new mentality. The people who have developed and transcended through times have put their best efforts in the field of education. It should be noted that this new generation is different from ours, but they are equally important and with opportunities that most probably, past generations did not have

Message From Principal

New Millennium College (NMC) is a premier academic institution established in 2000 AD by reputed academicians and seasoned educationists. The college has produced many national and international personalities during its more than decade-long history. The outstanding results and esteemed fame of the college are due to it’s strong dedicated, enthusiastic, creative and productive management team. Our team believes that every student possesses some kind of hidden aptitude and potentiality. NMC makes students explore their aptitude and potentiality. So that a young citizen of the nation becomes an international personality. 

What our students say.

What we Offer

Established in 2000 by reputed academicians and educationists, is a premier academic institution in Nepal. Within a short span of time , the institution is able to prove itself a leading institution in imparting education inimitably. The way the institution imparts education blends knowledge with skills such that practical, creative and purposeful learning is sure to forthcoming. Realizing that education is the substratum of the societal change , NMC is indefatigably involved on discharging very orientation on the institution . As the vast reservoir of knowledge never shows the boundary , so does the societal obligation of the NMC.


Science, Mngmt, CS, HM


Arts, Management


MA in English