by jkapeed

Established in 2000 by reputed academicians and educationists, is a premier academic institution in Nepal. Within a short span of time, the institution is able to prove itself a leading institution in imparting education inimitably. The way the institution imparts education blends knowledge with skills such that practical, creative and purposeful learning is sure to forthcoming. Realizing that education is the substratum of the societal change, NMC is indefatigably involved on discharging very orientation on the institution. As the vast reservoir of knowledge never shows the boundary, so does the societal obligation of the NMC.


With noble and insistent activities of the promoters coupled with commitment and dedication of the faculty members and even superbly by the propitious blessing of the guardians, the NMC has already grown up as a high-status institution of Nepal. However, the NMC does not rest on its own laurels. New Millenniums College offers courses in Masters of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business studies (BBS) and 10+2 Programs in Science, Management and Humanities both in the morning and day shifts. Currently College has 1200 students and 50 staff.