by jkapeed

Personalized and quality education
Our teachers have postgraduate education and academic experience . We also handle a maximum of 35 students per course, which guarantees the valuable interaction that must occur between student and teacher, enhancing the educational process.

Ideal study environment

We are a  young college , and precisely that  young spirit  makes us  INNOVATIVE, POSITIVE, PROACTIVE and VISIONARY .

Practical approach to Teaching

At NMC we want to prepare you for the real world, that is why constantly and from the beginning, regardless of the career you choose, you will develop  projects  and carry out  internships  in our modern laboratories and workshops, solving current problems in your professional field.

Commitment to sport

Our main campus is equipped with courts and spaces for the practice of traditional and non-traditional sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, martial arts, dancing, pingpong, frisbee, downhill, paragliding,  and horse riding .