KriPa AdhiKari

I really liked the teaching method. College life; it is clear that there is a big difference because one must already take the initiative of their own duties, in addition to the new environment and the great variety of people. I got a chance…

Ruth Khawas

Thanks to the NMC, I was able to live one of the best experiences of my life having had the opportunity to study at NMC. met, learned, developed my potential as a student, and discovered new tools that enriched me professionally and personally.…

Sandeep Koirala

NMC offered me the possibility of entering the 3rd course of BBS validating my studies of the Formative Cycle and I thought it was a good opportunity.

Mansu Sharma

NMC has taught me that you should not stay only with what the Chefs teach you, you must innovate, be better every day and have a lot of creativity.

Janak Baral

I am happy to be part of the NMC. Good Teacher. I am really enjoying it here. I can say that it was interesting and fruitful since it allowed me through the various teaching aids in the course to know the reality and compare the different positions…